Pro – Bono

DG&A – Abogados is a signatory to the Pro-Bono Declaration for Latin America of theCyrus Vance Center for International Justice, by virtue the Firm dedicates a significant number of pro-bono time to counsel individuals within a less favored community that wouldn’t be financially capable of retaining paid legal counsel and in any case not lawyers of the level of preparation and specialty of the ones that the Firm provides at no cost for these cases.

Some of the partnerships we currently work are:

  • Fundacion Florescer: The Foundation supports social development programs in areas of formal education.
  • Fundación Monseñor Isaías Duarte Cancino: The Foundation aims to promote activities to improve the quality of life of victims of violence and provide humanitarian assistance.
  • Fundacion Querido Soldado: The Foundation seeks to create a blog to express gratitude and solidarity with the colombian´s soldiers. Likewise, the Foundation established Manufacturas Querido Soldado SA, a production unit that provides employment for disabled soldiers.
  • Individuals: DG&A-Abogados advice on labor to under privilege individuals or communities who otherwise could not access to legal services rendered by lawyers paid or the level of preparedness and expertise of the Firm.