María del Rosario Gómez Jaramillo:

Graduate in Law of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Postgraduate studies in Finance Law and Commercial Law. She advises Colombian and foreign companies on corporate matters. Has participated in several processes of companies structuring, foreign investment, international business. She serves as legal adviser in commercial, financial, exchange and foreign investment law.


Adriana Martinez Piedrahita:

Graduate in Law of the Universidad Externado, postgraduate degree in Labor and Social Security Law of the Universidad Javeriana. Director of the Firm’s Labor, Social Security and Immigration Law Department.


Carolina García Guzmán:

Graduate in Law of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, with Postgraduate studies in Comercial, Mining and Oil Law. With studies in Political Science from the University of Texas and Financial Planning from the University of Miami.



Ivan Fernando Vargas Nivia:

Graduate in Law from Universidad del Rosario. Postgraduate studies in Financial Law. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Vargas has worked for several firms such as Romero Gomez Associates and EY Colombia. He has also worked for Banco de Bogota where he held the positions of Head of the Tax Department, Legal Adviser to the Vice President and Chief of the Financial Unit for Trusts.


Julio Rodriguez:

Graduate in Law from Universidad Del Rosario. Postgraduate studies in Tax Law. Before joining DG&A, he was founding partner of his own legal consulting firm. He has also worked as Legal Director of The Cornerstone Group, a private equity fund; Advisor at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism; and Legal Director in ProColombia.


Claudia Dangond Gibsone:

Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, experienced in the fields of Public Law, Constitutional Law,, Administrative Law, International Law, Disciplinary Law and Tax Control.

Her LLM in Development Policies for Latin America from the London School of Economic and Political Science, and her studies in International Affairs from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, together with her academic major in Administrative Law, allows her to complement her legal formation and expand her professional profile to the disciplinary areas of Political Science and International Affairs. She has had important experience in the Public Sector of the economy, and demonstrated skills for bringing forward planning and management processes. Among her professional experience she has occupied positions in the Colombian Constitutional Court, she has been adviser in the National Constitutional Assembly, adviser of the National Department of Agriculture, Foreign Investment Director at the Foreign Investment National Department, among others.

She has also served as investigator, lecturer, and adviser, in the fields of Public, Constitutional, Administrative, and International law. She is well experienced in handling public communication.

Her written work has been published in diverse media; sometimes converted into opinion articles for both national and international written media and television throughout comments; and other times in academic media such as book chapters, specialized edition presentations, among others.